The table d'hôtes beaune

Tantalise your taste buds


Cooking can also tell a story … of families, friends, travel, seduction and life.

"I wasn't particularly interested in the kitchen stove at first, but my love of food lured me in.".
Lucie's first love was making pastries. Seduced by tasty and beautifully presented dishes, cooking began to represent pleasure and conviviality, especially with family and among friends … and when it was just the two of them.

"I often helped my mum in the kitchen, often just to spend time with her. Watching, tasting (and stealing food!). She mainly cooked Asian food, which we got to enjoy … So, inspired by my mum's cooking as well as my mother-in-law's, by Asian cuisine and ordinary fare, by restaurant chefs here and elsewhere and by French cuisine, I found my favourite place to keep busy – my kitchen."


I enjoy cooking up starters, local casseroles, light salads, gourmet salads – all recipes that have been tasted and validated by my children and my husband – or my own way of cooking fish … and it all depends on what's in season, what I've managed to get hold of, and my current mood.

"My desserts – sometimes improvised, sometimes carefully planned – are among my favourite creations.»
A dish, a memory, an emotion, something to share …
"This was how our table d'hôtes originated – composed of a starter, a main course, cheese and a dessert. The menu is accompanied by wine, carefully selected by my husband Bertrand."

By reservation only, for a minimum of 4 adults at a price of €40 per adult (comprising starter, main course, cheese, dessert, water), and €25 per child under 10 years of age.

Tempted to try dining at home? Hope to see you soon …